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The world standard in Pay Per Click advertising

“People have been asking for a long time for an “e-commerce” centric Google Ads book and this is it. David Rothwell brings refreshingly frank yet gracefully zen-like truth telling to Google Ads" 


Perry Marshall

Author, 'Ultimate Guide to Google Ads' and '80/20 Sales & Marketing'

A major contribution to the Google Ads literature

"This book is the most up-to-date source of reliable insight and information on the subject. It's based on the author's experience of making many millions of dollars of Google Ads buys for his clients and managing their campaigns" 

Ken McCarthy

Internet Pioneer and Founder of 'The System Seminar®'

A no nonsense, plain language approach

"There is a palpable sense that he has come along side you to dispel myths, clarify what works and what doesn't and provide a step-by-step roadmap for genuine, measurable results"


Andrew Priestley

Leadership Mentor, Publisher and Strategic advisor

He knows Google Ads inside and out

He knows what his clients need and want, and he’s always on top of the latest news. He is a professional who serves his customers outstandingly well”





Bryan Todd

Co-Author, "Ultimate Guide to Google  Ads"

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